SOZO Launches Ignite Natural

  • AUSTIN, TX November 12, 2014 -- SOZO Global, an entrepreneurial direct selling company expands its Ignite energy drink product line with the launch of a new natural drink mix in the United States and Canada.

    Ignite Natural contains no harmful chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Powered by a high antioxidant superfruit, CoffeeBerry, it also contains healthy vitamins C and D. The caffeine used in the formula is a naturally occurring source of caffeine - unlike many other products on the market that contain a synthetic source.

    Ignite Natural was previewed at the SOZO 2014 National Empowerment Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, where co-founder / director Larry Cantrell announced, "This is a great-tasting and natural alternative to other unhealthy energy drinks on the market." Mark Adams, CEO and co-founder of SOZO also commented, "Energy Drinks are over $12 billion in the United States alone. We plan on taking our product to a global audience."

    SOZO will engage its independent active distributors with an I IGNITE video contest to show how they are using the Ignite Natural energy drink to "ignite" their day. Top videos will win prizes including t-shirts, products and free tickets to the next national convention.

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