DubLi Network Launches Cashback Toolbar

  • Beaverton,, US - - November 11, 2014 - DubLi, Inc., a global marketing company that provides consumers around the world with a variety of innovative online shopping, travel and entertainment opportunities, announced that it has launched a Global Cashback Toolbar.

    The new Global Cashback Toolbar is a downloaded browser application that identifies a participating merchant in any one of DubLi's 10 online Shopping Malls, allowing consumers to see their DubLi Cashback instantly.

    The DubLi Toolbar will appear when the consumer visits any merchant from any DubLi Shopping Mall, whether they are viewing from a browser or directly from a merchant website. The Toolbar enables customers to login with a single click to activate their Cashback. The DubLi Global Cashback Toolbar is initially available for Google Chrome and will be rolled out to the other browsers over the next few months.

    As part of its global expansion, the Company also announced today that it has launched its DubLi.com website in eight additional languages. The new languages included in today's launch are Czech, Hungarian, French, Dutch, Kazakh, Slovenian, Italian, and Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), bringing the total number of languages available on DubLi.com to 15, including its four English language sites in the US, UK, Australia and its Global Mall, German, Danish, Russian and Spanish.

    Commenting on the announcement, Michael Hansen, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Simultaneous to expanding our global footprint with DubLi's Cashback Shopping Malls, we have focused on enhancing the user experience and providing our valuable customers additional reasons to return to DubLi.com to shop. The Global Cashback Toolbar is an important site enhancement and a result of these efforts. The new toolbar safeguards customers from missing an opportunity to earn all their Cashback available by shopping through DubLi.".

    Mr. Hansen continued, "The eight new languages provide greater exposure to new potential consumers around the world. The addition of the new languages is an integral part of our global expansion in our ongoing efforts to make DubLi.com accessible to all consumers regardless of their locale or language. We seek to provide customers on a global scale the ability to shop through all DubLi.com products.".

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