Thoughts will become



    In the beginning of time we all have the ability to create and reason as humans. But the ability to do so comes with learned training and educating. Our ability toward advancement is our lifes mission, individually,world and society.

    We have the freedom to pursue religion,school,health,wealth,relationships. The comondenominator for all of us on earth is Oxygen, and without it we would not be here. Oxygen is Free to us all, there is no need to strive for Oxygen. Sounds crazy?Right. And as long as we continue breathing, oxygen is life on Earth.

    So, the question came up on CNN yesterday. Why are there so many humans Sleep Walking? “ the anaylis replied there minds are Trapped in day to Day thinking as they strive to make ends Meet.” I was floored when I heard such a statement.

    That statement lead me to the Wages vs, Profit mentality and how anyone can breakthrough the wage barrier of freedom with a little Profit. Profit is the only word that creates wealth. The Freedom to pursue the system of Labor or Leverage is a choice we make out of fear or ignorance. The old saying, This J.O.B is an Ends to a means. Time for Money (TFM). In the Profit world the saying is what's my Return On Investment (ROI)

    Having such power to decide comes with some unique ingrediants that I shall reveal in this letter as

    you keep reading these words.

    The freedom to pursue what ever your hearts desire is a blessing in disquise, right before your eyes. The complexities of life most people struggle with many obstacles to overcome to strive for freedom of.