Proper Sampling of your Product

  • If you have a Network Marketing business where you can Sample people on your products, you’re probably doing it wrong and costing yourself a small fortune!

    Done right, it’s one of the most effective ways to build a business with new customers and Team members.

    Here are the top 4 mistakes people make when sampling, why you’re hemorrhaging money, and my Top 7 Tips  how you can do it like the Pros!


    Mistake #1 – You Don’t prequalify

    I assume, first, you’re actually talking to people and offering samples.


    But are you prequalifying them?  This isn’t a ‘bad’ word!

    Making sure they’re serious about the product, and willing and able financially to purchase it if they like it.

    The product doesn’t matter – weight loss, energy drinks, shakes, miracle juice – the issue remains the same!

    Top Tip #1 – Talk to them!

    Not just email – get them on the phone.  If you talk with them in person, great.  If you’re offering samples on the internet, get their info including their phone number, and make it clear you won’t send it until you get them on the phone.

    When you call them – find out about why they’re interested in trying your product, how they heard about it and what they know, what results they’re looking for.

    Special Note - Samples cost us money.  Most samples are labeled “Not For Resale”, and my approach was always to offer them for free to people I could hand them too.  For requests online, it is 100% okay to ask them upfront to pay for shipping and postage. Those envelopes, postage, etc. cost you money and can add up fast!

    Will asking for them to pay S&H scare off some? Sure, but if they won’t pay a few buck to try it, they won’t pay for a 30 day supply either.

    Finally – when you send the sample, include a cover letter with instructions on how to use it, how to contact you, and your website to purchase!  Doesn’t have to be the work of Shakespeare, nice, quick and professional will do.  Heck, I got one a few weeks ago hand written on what looked like a used piece of paper!  It’s the message, not the presentation. Spend your time where it really matters!

    Top Tip #2 – Set Realistic Expectations

    Most samples are 1-5 days, and whatever you’re offering may not have the dramatic impact they’d expect in that time.

    Look for the other affects and coach them on that!

    If it’s weight loss, they may not lose 5 pounds in 3 days, but have them take their measurements (send a form for this with your sample), and record their mood, appetite, cravings, and clear-headedness.

    If it’s an energy drink, have them record whether they get jitters or a crash like they would with others!

    Top Tip #3 – Set price expectations

    How much does your product sell for, retail, for a 30 day supply?

    Remember, you’re in the Business of SELLING your product, not throwing money away just sampling people!

    It is OKAY to set the expectation of cost, and important to do so at the front end!

    “Sally, if this product meets your expectations, are you prepared to invest $xxx in your health/weight/energy/etc?”

    Gauge their response.

    Top Tip #4 – Set a Followup Day

    When talking with them, ask them “when you get the sample, how soon can you start trying them For Sure?”

    Then, Set the day you’ll followup with them after the samples to see how it went!  Set a specific day, and the best time for them!

    Mistake #2 – You Don’t Followup

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten samples from people and never heard back from them.

    Don’t think you’re annoying them – you have a real interest in their feedback!

    Top Tip #5 - If you’ve done this right, you have their phone number, a day and a time – now CALL them!

    Mistake #3 – Not Asking for the Sale

    Amazingly, after all this, some people don’t do the most basic step….

    …. actually asking for their business!

    I know it can be uncomfortable, but if you’re sincere in your heart, trying to help people with your life-changing products, you’re hurting THEM by NOT asking for their sale!

    It doesn’t need to be high pressure. Just something simple…

    “Well, Sally, sounds like you had good results, and I suspect you’ll see even more when you try it for a while.  Would you like to get a month’s supply to start?”

    Top Tip #6 – If you keep stock, great.  If not, when Sally says “sure”, just be sure she knows where to go to order, any special discounts she can get, and that you’ll send her a quick “thank you” email once it’s placed.

    Mistake #4 – Not Connecting with your Team Leaders

    Obviously, I can’t get too specific here without covering every type of product available – but those are some of the top mistakes I see marketers making all the time when sampling their products to others!

    Your best resource?  Upline or other Leaders in your Company.

    Top Tip #7 - Find out who’s sampling like mad, and ask for their specific outline and wording.

    Following these basic tips can help you stop wasting your money and dramatically increase your return and new customers!

    Jon Patrick

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  • Patricia Osborne
    Patricia Osborne I read you loud and clear Jon. In my business you do have the opportunity to provide samples. I agree most heartily in regards to qualifying you consumer. Time and money spent preparing 100's of samples and passing them out willy nilly with the hope they...  more
    December 8, 2013
  • LaDonna Hale
    LaDonna Hale Great article! Thank you for making an impact on my business through sharing!
    February 1, 2014
  • Style Advisor LuLu Avenue
    Style Advisor LuLu Avenue Sampling is what brings customer's to you,reason you see so much sampling going on in Gro Stores,thats what sells most customer's to a new product......
    February 12, 2014
  • Terry  Jago
    Terry Jago lots of good ideas here. you are right.. many of us are doing it wrong
    May 16, 2014