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  • 21 Pine Ridge Road Sandia Park, New Mexico 87047, US
    Megan's Pantry is a home party company started in New Mexico in 2001 that specializes in gourmet foods, which are sold at home gatherings.
  • 2910 South Yellowstone Highway Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402, US
    With annual sales of over $948 million, Melaleuca has been selling nontoxic, concentrated cleaning products that combine the best of science and nature for 25 years.
  • 5335 South Garrison Avenue Carthage, Missouri 64836, US
    Membrell LLC, formed August of 2002, was created to market products from the patent technologies of its ESM Technologies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary
  • 5070 Santa Fe Street San Diego, California 92109, US
    Metabolife International, a division of Twinlab, is a direct sales company that is serious about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Metabolife sells weight loss supplements and provides information on exercise and other health-related topics on its website.
  • 7481 Gilley Avenue Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 1K2, CA
    From Metrin Website: For over 70 years, METRIN has provided quality Scientific Skin Care products to women and men around the world. Our customers trust METRIN to help keep their skin clean, healthy and younger-looking.
  • 1 George Avenue Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18705, US
    Scent-Sations markets scented candles and personal care products through home-based network marketing distribution.
  • 12200 Ford Road 300 Dallas, Texas 75234, US
    Mia Mariu was founded in 2007 by Jeannie Price, whose vision was to build a company for women who wanted a contemporary and progressive way to make money. Mia offers natural botanical skin care, mineral cosmetics, brushes and fragrances.
  • South River Front Parkway South Jordan, Utah 84095, US
    Miche Bag offers handbags with changeable covers through its network of Independent Representatives at home parties and online. Miche allows women to give the same bag dozens of different looks without needing to move all their belongings from one purse t...  more
  • 27 Expansion Street Molendinar, Queensland 4214, AU
    Miessence, formerly known as ONEgroup, is a multilevel marketing company based in Australia offering a range of internationally certified organic products.
  • 8750 North Central Expressway 650 Dallas, Texas 75231, US
    Momentis, headquartered in Dallas, is the marketing arm of Just Energy, a publicly-held energy company. Just Energy supplies natural gas and/or electricity in deregulated territories in the U.S. and Canada.
  • 7827 Airport Highway Holland, Ohio 43528, US
    Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Co was started in 2006. Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company set out to give the consumer what they wanted in a candl - clean and long burning, the entire candle melts, adds to the decor of your home.
  • 500 South Geneva Road Orem, Utah 84058, US
    The MonaVie company structure is multi-level marketing with a hybrid binary compensation plan. The company’s flagship product is MonaVie Active Juice; a proprietary blend of 19 fruit juices including the Acai berry, noted for its high levels of anti-oxida...  more
  • 10210 North Central Expressway 212 Dallas, Texas 75231, US
    From the Moneylogic corporate website: At Moneylogic, our goal is to help you gain control over your financial matters by helping you save money on the products and services you use most frequently, then showing you logical, effective ways to use your cas...  more
  • 865 Tahoe Boulevard 214 Incline Village, Nevada 89451, US
    Monitium ( MONiteeum) claims their company is the latest innovation in multi-level marketing(MLM). According to their site, Monitium has been developed by top-earning networking gurus and industry leaders with a combined 300 years of MLM experience, but t...  more
  • 9 Brown Street Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501, US
    MOR Vacations, established in the mid-1980s, markets a high-end executive lifestyle vacation membership and has over 100,000 current members.
  • 333 West River Park Drive Provo, Utah 84604, US
    Morinda Bioactives’ beverages and supplements are based on the noni plant, known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia. Tahitians and other Polynesians have traditionally used noni for its health benefits.
  • 1302 Pleasant Ridge Road Greensboro, North Carolina 27409, US
    Motives Cosmetics is a home party company that sells cosmetics and skin care products. Motives Cosmetics products can also be purchased online and in catalogs.
  • 3200 West Wilshire Boulevard Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116, US
    Motor Club of America ( MCA ) offers roadside assistance packages through a multilevel marketing distribution channel.
  • 125 Columbia Aliso Viejo, California 92656, US
    MOXXOR is a nutritional company with roots in New Zealand. Founded and wholly owned by Noel and John Turner, the owners of Turner New Zealand, Inc and Turner Foods, the company plans to launch with their flagship product ( omega-3 and antioxidant ) to mar...  more
  • Grow Drive Pensacola, Florida 32514, US
    MPB Today is a Pensacola based direct sales company acting as the marketing arm of Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery service. Southeastern Delivery is an established company with a stated goal of becoming the largest full-service grocery deli...  more
  • 7251 Cathedral Rock Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89128, US
    Multi Pure, founded by brothers H. Allen Rice and Alvin E. Rice, develops and markets water filtration devices.
  • Tyrol 6278, AT
    MyLeadCompany.com sells leads to network marketers that they can use for their primary business, while giving them the opportunity to build a secondary income. The company sells lists of leads and enrolls new associates through its Marketing Associates’ p...  more
  • Banks, Oregon 97106, US
    Start up cost as is as low as $50. Products can be sold at retail, though home parties, fundraisers, friends, family, businesses, schools, day care, scouts, moms groups, Safety Classes and more. Our site is filled with training, help, support, plus lots o...  more
  • 12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive 300 St. Louis, Missouri 63141, US
    My Shopping Genie is a website where members can find bargains on everyday items. Run by MyNet Universe, My Shopping Genie claims their online shopping product is not only a way to save on the things people buy, but a way to earn money as well.
  • Tyrol 6278, AT
    MyVideoTalk is a division of Team Effort International, founded in 2002. The company provides five programs, MyVideoDesigner, MyVideoBroadcaster, MyVideoChannel, MyVideoWebshow, and MyVideoBoardroom, all designed to help individuals and companies conduct ...  more