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  • Midvale, Utah 84047, US
    Xango is dedicated to providing a path to wellness to consumers.The company’s flagship product is Xango juice, a mangosteen-based nutritional beverage.
  • 1150 Trademark Drive Reno, Nevada 89521, US
    MXI created Xocai and market it as a health promoting antioxidant. MXI's website states that their products incorporate the most powerful antioxidant form of chocolate, an all natural process cocoa powder in combination with the powerful antioxidant Acai ...  more
  • 1875 Newport Boulevard 245 Costa Mesa, California 92627, US
    XOWii is an MLM company based out of Costa Mesa, California, that markets three separate juice based vitamin and neutraceutical enhanced drinks, designed to help promote weight loss, boost energy, and provide the body with essential vitamins.
  • 299 South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, US
    Yipiz is a network marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah, established in 2007. Yipiz produces a weight loss supplement it calls HCG Slim, in addition to Yipiz Fit Juice, and Yipiz Maqui Cleanser.
  • 1040 Booth Road 300 Warner Robins, Georgia 31088, US
    The mission of Zoegetics is to create a more positive and healthy lifestyle, one family at a time. Zoegetics’ flagship product is Zoe Life, a nutritional drink mix containing a powdered form of fruits and vegetables.
  • 14183 South Minuteman Drive 201 Draper, Utah 84020, US
    Zrii is a liquid nutritional supplement containing Amalaki fruit. The company business philosophy is based on Ayuveda - a health system they state is 5000 years old and aims to create dynamic balance in all areas of health.