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Outstanding Company

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  • by Kevin B Young
  • January 2, 2015
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Having served in executive roles in several network marketing companies, I have watch hundreds of other companies come and go. I have seen up-close and personal the toll this takes on our industry, and on the individuals that put their money, faith and hope into them.

I recently stepped down from my role as VP of International Sales for a multinational company to focus on building my own network. I have had a lot of offers from wonderful companies and friends.

I made a decision to join Evolv because I like the way they think. I like the way they invest in their field. I like the philosophy, which is espoused by every other company out there, that they put their field people first, but at Evolv, I have observed that this is absolutely true!

I am willing to stack my reputation on it. While I may not be able to work this business on a full-time from the start, I will be able to earn and participate in some pretty exciting events as I build.

On this leg of my career journey I get to bring my wife along side me, this will be the first time we have worked side by side in many years. She is as excited about the experience as I am.
Upline support
I have yet to find one. I am old enough to know that no company is perfect and I am wise enough to be aware of any pitfalls or challenges a company may have. I have met the ownership. I have explored it. I am sold on it!

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