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I Am Solavei

I have been in Network Marketing for over 15 years. What I am experiencing with Solavei is GREAT! My business is growing and the attrition is off the hook. It's simple, everyone has a phone and with their unlimited voice, text, data on a 4G Nationwide Network offers much value at $49/month.

The opportunity to earn when referring people to the service has not been difficult. I'm working full-time from home and loving every minute of it.

*Great service using T-Mobile's towers
*Easy opportunity to earn
*About to launch Solavei Marketplace which will be huge
*Excellent compensation plan
*Great leadership from Corporate down
*Team of people always willing to assist even if they don't directly benefit
*Fastest growing MVNO in history
*Getting great reviews from Newsweek, Engadget, CNET, Fox Business, NBC News, WIRED
Delay on UK Launch which has been pushed back to 2014

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