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Great for those tired of pushing lotions, potions, and pills!

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  • by Alan Wright
  • July 24, 2013
The average mobile phone bill is $71 a month. And if you're signed with a major carrier like AT&T or Sprint, chances are you're paying over $100 a month. Just recently I encountered a former AT&T customer (now happily with Solavei) whose bill averaged $336 a month! How insane is that!!! But you don't have to pay a lot for your mobile service any more! AND you don't have to sacrifice service either as Solavei offers UNLIMITED voice, text, and data for only $49 a month (plus any taxes and fees). My bill averages around $58 a month; yours will depend on where you live and several other factors. AND if you wish, you can earn when you share with others and help them save money! A fantastic opportunity this is! Who do you know who doesn't have a cell phone? Don't you think they would like to be free of sky-high bills and lengthy contracts? This is not a niche market, folks! You can't go wrong here!
- Quality service at a reasonable price
- No contracts
- No application or enrollment fee
- Able to bring your own COMPATIBLE phone

- Involves a product/service the majority of consumers are already using
- No inventory
- No startup fee
- Access to an all-supportive network
- Not available in all areas
- Service may vary if travelling outside of primary area of work or residence

- Increments of 3 enrollees (each equaling one Trio) must be maintained

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