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  • by Steve Bradley
  • October 24, 2013
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I used this as a customer for a few years before ever knowing it was a business opportunity. I loved it and used the heck out of it. Then I came across a person in my upline that shared how simple this system was.

I upgraded my customer account to a Marketing Distributor for a very low flat fee and have not looked back since.
Simple to share, loved resource by busy parents and even large buinesses.
Create campaigns to automate mailings and customer follow up.
Create your holiday cards months ahead of time and schedule them to go out when the date arrives.
On the business networking side they pay weekly leadership bonuses as you sign new distributors. They also pay monthly residuals on the usage of customers and distributors beneath you.
It's not going to come to you sitting on your couch. If you need someone else to motivate you no Network Marketing program is going to save you. If you belive you really are the exception to the rule, the 5% then make a step forward now.

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