Saving Money with Priceline,, Trivago, etc.?

  • Got news for you!

    You're not saving all that much on hotel stays and condo vacations!

    The travel booking sites like Hotwire, Priceline, Trivago,, Expedia, etc. are all owned by two large conglomerates!

    If you've ever compared prices among sites (and even at the hotel's website), you'll discover immediately that you're really not saving all that much, unless you choose one of their least-desirable "fire sale" offers.

    Sure, you can use any of these sites at no cost.

    But, as a classic commercial once stated, membership has its privileges.

    If you have or have ever had a membership to a shopping club like Costco or Sam's, you know what I mean.

    And that's where My 20 Dollar Travel Business comes in.

    For the price of a large pizza every month, you'll have member access to TRUE discounts on hotels and condo stays!

    You can also book flights, cruises, and car rentals through the engine.  Although you won't receive any further discounts in those categories, you can still earn member credits that can be redeemed on future travel items.


    If interested, click or copy and paste the following link into your browser: