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    Chris TinneyPowur Solar is reinventing the energy industry to tackle one of the world’s biggest problems head on – climate change. I invited Jonathan Budd the CEO of Powur on my show because I love not only what his company is doing but the incredible potential it has help our planet by leading a clean energy revolution. Indeed he is forming a company and group of people to help create a brand new power grid based on his mantra to “Disrupt and Decentralize“. The Official Powur Launch Event is October 17, 2015.

    Powur’s goal is set to help millions of homeowners and businesses adopt clean, renewable solar power and energy efficiency; protectingthemselves from rising electricity costs and the environment from the pollution caused by traditional power sources.

    To accomplish their mission Powur has partnered with the #1 Solar Company in America, Solar City.  This is an opportunity for people to create their own power truly “Power to the People”. the power Solar City amplifies the effect Powur is having by donating a solar power system and battery to a school or community in need for every megawatt of residential solar power they sell through the Give Power Foundation they created.



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