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    • August 29, 2010 8:23 AM PDT
    • Scentsy

      I recently received a wickless candle as a gift and thought it was pretty neat so I did some research. I had no idea that the company, Scentsy, was so popular. I discovered that Inc.500 named Scentsy the number one fastest growing consumer products and services company in the country, due to its growth rate of over 8000 percent. Even more impressive to me was the fact that the Idaho based company was started by a man who was nearly bankrupt when he started Sentsy.

      The innovative idea seems to be appealing to many consumers- its easier and safer than candles. I can switch it on in the kitchen and not be worried about my house burning down if I walk into the other room for a few moments. I would love to get a Sensy catalog or some more information about their products. Can anyone help me out?  

    • August 31, 2010 1:54 AM PDT
    • Scentsy

      I bought a Scentsy Wickless Candle for a friend and they are definitely pretty cool. They have been growing substantially since they first introduced their products. I was only able to experience one scent and it was ok, but I found it to be extremely strong, and we had to use a fraction of the recommended amount of wax because the smell was too much. Perhaps in a bigger place the product would have fit in a bit better. The holder was very attractive, built well, and of high quality, it was light, well constructed and performed exactly as promised.

      The company has a pretty large selection to choose from both of designs and scents. I will say that for me, there is a subtlety to the smell and scent of regular candles, and a kind of light that just can't be imitated with a bulb. I would not use the products for me, but much can be said for the fact that they are safer to use, and less messy. This is a product I'd suggest for a fairly large area, and perhaps in a household with children. Good product, good price.

    • August 31, 2010 9:57 AM PDT
    • Scentsy

      I would be happy to help you out. If you send me your email and/or address I will send you some information and a catalog. We have some fabulous new products coming out Sept. 1, 2010 including Scentsy Buddy, Patriot Collection (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), more college teams, hand foam, and of course new warmer styles and Fall/Winter scents. My email


    • September 1, 2010 1:15 AM PDT
    • Scentsy

      I love Scentsy.. so much after I attended my first home party almost a year ago I signed up right when I got home!! I truly enjoy being a part of this fabulous company and am still addicted to the product after all this time!  I'm making samples and mailing out the new fall catalogs today if anyone would like one send me a message at and I'll put you on the list :)

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