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    • March 13, 2011 5:29 AM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      A common gathering place for existing members of Numis or anyone looking to gather information on this company and opportunity.

    • March 14, 2011 5:02 AM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      Please forgive my naivety about coin collecting, but is there some kind mega guide, like a thick encyclopedia that covers what coins are considered "official" collector's items and which ones aren't? If so, are Numis Network coins included and valued beyond the value of their base material? I know very little about this subject, but I thought it was a really odd product to market with an MLM program.

    • March 26, 2011 12:32 PM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      Hey Linda,

      Sorry about the delay in my response, I have been traveling. Thanks for stopping by and asking about Numis.

      As far as an encyclopedia......... I believe that their may be a few available for the pricing of collectable coins.

      The Professional Coin Grading Service PCGS website and ANACS website are a few of the grading service companies that offer services from grading coins to sharing their value with the public.

      Numis Network coins with out a doubt are worth more than their base material.

      I actually get this question a lot, "Why would I pay an autoship price for a coin with 25 bucks worth of silver in it?" .  

      Or, "I can get on of those coins from ebay for 30 dollars......", That one is my personal favorite!

      What Numis Network is doing is offering graded coins for collectors. The perfect condition and certification of the coin is what makes it such a collectable.

      I can't think of a better deal, being involved with a company that pays me to collect a real tangible ASSET!

      My family and I love it when my autoship comes every month, it is so exciting!

      I almost forgot to mention.............. How many Direct Sales/MLM companies are offering a 5 year 100% buy back policy????????

      Feel free to check out the following links that will be able to answer any other questions you may have about The Numis Network Opportunity.

      Click HERE to check out the Numis Network website

      Click HERE to hear what people are saying about The Numis Network Opportunity

      Click HERE to check out my blog

      Thanks again Linda for your great questions. Good luck in your search for an opportunity!

    • March 27, 2011 11:27 PM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      hi i have about 50 coins from afganstan and was wondering if anyone from numis can tell me what they are worth. If I get more from numis will they be collectors items one day? I only want to collect ones that I know will be rare so which ones are the ones that will be discontinued, also I want to hire people under me down a line so I can get intrist and dividends. numis is pritty cool but I cant find no infomation about how much it cost to join and if i have to manetaine a sales qwota......yeah?

    • March 28, 2011 12:09 AM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      Hey Benlinost,
      Thanks for jumping on the thread here.
      *s far as your coins mentioned, it would depend......... Are they graded?
      We as Numis reps collect graded numismatic coins, like the ms70 silver eagle.

      All of the coins available through Numis Network are collectable.

      The opportunity with Numis to build a business will allow you to build a residual business with a downline of reps.
      You can click on any of my before mentioned links in the post to get a good look at our website, opportunity, sales page.
      This info will answer any questions you may have.

      Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any trouble accessing the website, or for any other collecting questions.
    • April 7, 2011 12:33 AM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      Now I'll tell you I gave Numis a good look but there were a few things I was originally concerned about that maybe you could shed some light on. Now coin collecting is a major American past time for millions of people, two of whom are in my immediate family. My uncle Greg has metal box after metal in his basement with all kinds of coins, from all over the world. Now aside from going through them with him as a little girl, I really don't know much about them, but I do recall him explaining to me that there were two schools in the world of coin collecting. The first school feels that in order for coins to be considered legit, they can't be minted for the sake of collecting. In other words, they had to have been minted by an internationally recognized government, even if that government has long since passed. That rules out of course, QVC, special edition coins that you see infomercial for, movie or sport coins, and Numis, even if they are made of precious materials.

      The second school would be the ones that manage to mint a coin for EVERYTHING, from baseball to Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, to September 11th..., and with no disrespect or sarcasm; Numis Network. I'm not at all trying to suggest that Numis Network coins are in any way obnoxious, or in the same exploitive league as those that "commemorated" September 11th, in fact I think they really are quite attractive. I suppose what I'm trying to get at is how they fair in the coin collecting market, and whether or not they have received a serious reception among the hardcore, more old school enthusiasts.

      My other concern is in regard to competition with other Numis execs, as far as how to thrive with so many people pointed to the same battlefront. Essentially, a new Numis rep signs people up to purchase at $99 per month, and are then told to sell on Ebay, but how do you get around all the other reps selling all the same coins on Ebay? Either the price you sell at has to go down, way down, or the bulk price does, at which point Numis doesn't make any money. Then there is of course, the dinging moment at which point those people that really want the Numis collection can simply join the company and get them cheaper. How do you get around this?

      Anyway, I hope I haven't asked too many questions. I want Numis to succeed, I have a special place in my heart for the world of coin collecting thanks to my uncle, and I sometimes find myself reading an article about it or even contemplating starting one of my own, but I'm not half as knowledgeable as most professionals. Oh and before I forget, with the price of these coins, and the fact that they are made from precious metals, what are the odds of running out of the coins and being unable to supply the demand? I believe I read this as someone else's concern on another forum and it dawned on me just how that could theoretically happen, after all, gold is becoming very popular and some people are trying to buy as much of it as they can with the thought of some impending, harsh economic changes on the way.

      Ok Im'ma stop now for real :)

    • July 30, 2013 9:29 PM PDT
    • Welcome to The Numis Network Forum

      Yvonne, from what I've seen out there, Numis coins are competitively priced.  Active distributors that know what they are talking about will NEVER tell you to buy and sell on ebay since ebay is typically loaded with "blowout" type sales, where people are trying to just offload what they have for a quick buck.  I am not a distributor, so I am speaking as a non biased voice.  I've spent some time investigating the company, and it seems very legitimate.  It's hard to beat their 5 year money back guarantee on all their coins.  In my opinion, a company would never make this type of promise unless it absolutely KNEW with a high degree of certainty that the product in question was going to be worth more than its original sale value 5 years later.  Hope this helps.  You can find me on facebook if you have other questions, I'm not a member of any organization and have done quite a bit of research.

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