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    • April 24, 2013 6:49 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      I've been picking up chatter for a couple of weeks about a prelaunch company called Rippln ( RIPPLN ).  rippln is supposedly going to be a mobile application business opportunity, claiming to let the members profit from the extensive online app market where "companies are making billions".



      It appears an NDA is required to participate in the pre-launch. The general gist from the 'secret' rippln video is that it's by invite only. The CEO is rumored to be Brian Underwood ( CEO of iZigg ) and the founder has been touted as Terry Lacore. 


      iZigg is still active, and offers a text messaging platform with a short-code of 90210. Brian Underwood was previously associated with BurnLounge and LocalAdLink.


      According to a few rants on YouTube, iZigg was apparently promising their reps an expansion into the app market - but those mobile apps may have been spun off to create Rippln.


      Members are invited using six letter invite codes to view and agree to the onlie NDA.  I found codes posted all over the internet, so it wasn't difficult to find one that worked.


      I have to question the credibility of the offer. There seems to be a history of less than stellar performances by companies previously associated with the management team. Perhaps the biggest bust being BurnLounge ( if that association is correct, and I need to verify ).


      Also, iZigg is still running - but there has been nothing notable about the company. It never seemed to really take off into their chosen market space, and I'm not convinced that marketing apps - even to a captive audience - is going to be much more successful.


      Of course, I'm a pessimist about almost every untested business and product model, so I'll keep monitoring this and post my opinions as they evolve.


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    • April 24, 2013 9:17 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      I have a LOT of homework to do before I manage to do the arithmatic of understanding how this one is going to work, considering how many apps there are, and what about iZigg, are they still around? They offered something that sounds a bit like this a few years ago.

    • April 24, 2013 10:46 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      I just watched the Troy Dooley review of this company and there are ALOT of question marks witht his company. I don't think Watchdog is being a pessimist; I think caution needs to take precedence. The guys involved do have some steller backgrounds, but as far as follow thru.. not too sure.. They definilty have done an amazing market hype and got the buzz going.. but so did ZeekRewards.....and we all know what happened there...

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    • April 24, 2013 11:42 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      Saw earlier today they cleared 200k members - all without any knowledge of monthly costs, upgrades, or where the payments to "free" members will come from.

      Credit to founders, they're doing a great job building interest in this one.... but it's so disheartening how many people jump in with no due-diligence or even think about it.  Lottery, get-rich-quick mentality fed by spamming links on social media.


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    • April 24, 2013 12:52 PM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      I watched the comp plan video - it starts off simply enough and then just snowballs into this ridiculous mess of bonus after bonus after bonus with no explanation where the money comes from.

      I don't even know if the app they mention - for referring new 'Rippln Fans' is even available yet. But the video claims that when you refer your first five people - free fans - you earn $20.00.  Then it explains that when one of your fans does the same, and earns $20.00, you do too.

      To me it sounds like Rippln is promising to pay from $4.00 to $8.00 per person acquisition cost ( $4 if the $20 is only paid to one rep and the upline doesn't qualify for some reason, $8 if they both get paid ) and that's for a free fan. I know that every active email address a company has definitely has a marketing value, and if they actually need to download an app onto their phone, that means they can push advertising to them, but unless that app is active it's just vaporware.

      And if your numbers are correct Jon - and I'm sure they are - then are the web-based referrals still generating a $20 credit for each five fans for the referrer, or are the reps exploiting their direct / warm market for a 200,000 free signup that benefits of the company in the hopes that later, when the app comes out, they can find more people to activate and earn their first $20?

      If this whole thing is just a list generating scheme and then there's a participation buy-in required to be a "Rippln Domestic Coach" or a "Rippln Global Coach" at some outrageous buy in, it will definitely fail my personal sniff test and I'll wager it will be on the Zeek Rewards fast track to regulatory scrutiny.

      It seems many of these new companies are testing this buy-in model where the higher priced buy in is required in order to earn the top commission from other peoples buy-ins, that its just paying for recruitments and not a product. Even Empower Network barely skirts this definition by labeling each level of buy-in as a different training threshold.

      Can't wait to learn more about this one, and looking forward to any and all additional info anyone can provide.

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    • April 25, 2013 7:44 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      your quite the pessimest arent you watchdog.


      rippln is goign to blow up and be the massivest mlm ever.


      just because you dont understand the comp plan doesnt make it bad. people will make millions.


      the cost for domestic couch is 300 and the global coach is 900.  thats where hte comissions come from.


      no one is getting the tweny dollar commission yet because the app is not released yet. you will wish you joined.



      This post was edited by Joseph Hobson at April 25, 2013 7:44 AM PDT
    • April 25, 2013 7:48 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      Gregory Musantry said:

      Don't BRAG to me about how many FREE members you have in your deal... That's like counting the pigs in a blanket samples at the deli as sales

      Perfect analogy Gregory. I've seen too many vaporware companies sign up tens of thousands of members through slick marketing and hype and never deliver a real product.




    • April 25, 2013 7:53 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      Joseph Hobson said:


      just because you dont understand the comp plan doesnt make it bad. people will make millions.


      the cost for domestic couch is 300 and the global coach is 900.  thats where hte comissions come from.




      I'm more of a realist than a pessimist. If by "people will make millions" you mean the company owners, then you may be correct, especially if reps ( Rippln coaches? ) are paying $300 to $900 for...what exactly? I thought the app was free, so what exactly are you buying when you pay the Domestic Coach and Global Coach fees?


      If you tell me it's so you can be qualified to earn commission on all the Domestic Coaches and Global Coaches who sign up under you in the future, I'm going to refer you to the Wikepedia page on "Ponzi Schemes".

      This post was edited by WatchDog at April 25, 2013 7:57 AM PDT
    • April 26, 2013 8:37 AM PDT
    • rippln NDA and prelaunch

      Per a friend who is participating in Rippln: "No commissions are being paid on referrals right now."


      All the referrals being done without the app will not generate the $20 bonus.

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