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    • December 29, 2013 10:53 AM PST
    • LaDonna Hale - Younique Presenter; For Tails Only FH188

      Hello and welcome to my introduction!


      I am LaDonna Hale, a career professional that is still working in the corporate world! But I discovered three opportunities that I couldn't say no to - based on the age and success trajectory of the companies and the quality of their products.


      1)  YOUNIQUE Products  -  this company, founded in October 2012 has grown to more than 7000 presenters, and we are just getting ready to GO GLOBAL!!  We're expanding into Quebec, Australia and the UK in 2014.   The cost to join our company is $99, and of course comes with over $400 in product but more importantly, comes with a great reputation and a strong leadership team that is available to help you build your business.


      2)  For Tails Only!   - just launched 12/15/13, and founded because of the rash of product recalls in pet food and treats, we offer all natural MADE IN THE USA, quality treats and other pet products (and some human stuff related to pets!).   We have two options to join - $129 ($99 until 12/31) gets you the full handler kit, online website for 3 months.  The $35 option gets you an online presence, the handler discount on orders, and access to sell the products!  FH188  (I'm a Founding Handler!)


      3)  Origami Owl - rated as the Top Direct Sales company three years in a row - and founded by a 14 year old phenom - this company is ON FIRE!   Everywhere I go, people ask about my Living Locket!  We release new, limited edition charms and products for upcoming holidays - generating ongoing excitement and interest in the line.  We have very loyal followers!   The cost to be a designer is $149 and you get a full success kit, including the website; catalogs; $300 in products to show and share to build your business.


      So - My introduction should tell you I'm highly charged, success oriented and believe there is time enough to sleep when you die!!!  Catch a rising star.

      1526631_10202653654241672_164771143_n(1).jpg (63.45 Kb)
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