Herbalife is a global nutrition company founded in 1980. Today, Herbalife's nutrition, weight-management and personal care products are sold exclusively by more than 2.3 million independent Distributors in more than 75 countries.

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  • Posted: March 22, 2013
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Century Park East Los Angeles, California 90067, US


  • Founders and Executives Michael O.­ Johnson, ­CEO
    Richard P.­ Goudis, C­OO

  • Products Personaliz­ed Protein­ Powder, B­ulk and Mu­scle Formu­la Protein­ Drink Mix­, H3O Fitn­ess Drink,­ Cell-U-Lo­ss, Herbal­ Concentra­te, Nitewo­rks Powder­ Mix, Cell­ Activator­, Formula ­1 Nutritio­nal Shake ­Mix, Formu­la 2 Multi­vitamin Co­mplex, Tot­al Control­, Thermo-B­ond, Tang ­Kuei Plus,­ Snack Def­ense, Xtra­-Cal, Roas­ted Soy Nu­ts with Ca­rdia Salt,­ and more.­


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  • Travis St. Aubyn
    Travis St. Aubyn The weight loss products are very effective. I lost 80 pounds last year, and my mom has just started and lost 20 pounds in her first few months.
    June 12, 2013
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