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It just makes sense!

I am relatively new to Network Marketing and I have always wanted to get involved with it. So when I finally made my move I joined Vemma. Fell flat on my face. The product is great but if you aren't bringing in enough new reps to pay for it then that juice gets pretty pricey! I then left Vemma for ViSalus thinking that I could drop a few pounds and make money at the same time, Ok. Fell flat on my face again. I didn't lose any weight, not because the shakes didn't work but because I quit drinking the shakes. I couldn't handle burping the shake up all day. The shakes taste great but tasting them all day was a little much more me. So now I am in Ambit. It just makes sense!
Who do you know that uses Electricity or Gas?
Who do you know that would like to save money on their utility bill and possibly get it for FREE?
Would you be interested in earning a paycheck while helping others save on their energy and possibly help them get it for FREE?
LEADS! Ambit doesn't give you crappy opportunity seeker leads like some MLM companies out their. They give you something better.
FREE ENERGY! This is such a great thing. If a customer will get 15 of his/her friends and family members to sign up with Ambit as a Customer, they could get their energy for FREE. Folks, can you say "Referrals"? I have been in the insurance business for 46 years and know a little bit about sales. Referrals have always been the best. Most people won't want to go out and speak with these people in order to get anything. Most people hate the thought of selling something, but they will give you a list of people that you can call on their behalf if you are going to do the work for them. So if you think about it, you will never run out of leads (referrals). 1 turns into 15 and 15 should turn into 225 and 225 turns into 3,375 and so on. I jest, but if you can convert 1 out of every 15 then you will always have 15 new prospects.

Not in enough states.

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